Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Immaculate Hack

The web was mostly built by borrowing other people's code and images, and sometimes even their bandwidth (when one party just linked to the image residing on someone else's server and showed it on his own--this is also known as 'leeching'). Leeching may actually be illegal, because it uses someone else's resources without permission.

The John McCain crew found out the hard way its not nice to leech.

Mike Davidson, who created the template used at McCain's MySpace page was a little miffed that McCain's page was leeching the 'contact John' image from his server (and costing him bandwidth and money). So he created a new graphic, and uploaded it to his own server under the same name as the previous graphic. And just like that, McCain's position was changed).

Technically, no crime was committed: Mike changed a graphic on his own equipment. Who else was using it and how, was not his concern.

I hope the Sen. McCain will have a sense of humor about this because the FBI can, and may, cart away Mike D's hardware first and ask questions later.