Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ignore email archiving / public record laws at your own peril

The saga of the deleted emails continues, with now the AG getting involved.

Prior to that, the Secretary of State stated that he was unhappy with the City Hall's continued failure to comply:
Galvin expressed frustration Tuesday over what he described as the city's failure to fully cooperate with investigators. He told the Globe he was considering taking further action against the Menino administration. Under state law, he could turn the case over to Coakley for possible prosecution.

Now state Attorney General Martha Coakley (who is running for Ted Kennedy's senate seat BTW) states that she is "involved."
Coakley said in a statement issued this afternoon that Secretary of State William F. Galvin's office has been working to ensure that public records are preserved and "to determine whether there have been any violations of the public records law by City officials."

"We are now involved in that review," Coakley said.

She said her office would continue to work with Galvin's office going forward in the effort to find mayoral aide Michael Kineavy's e-mails and "we remain prepared to conduct a full investigation and take all necessary steps to guarantee the preservation of evidence and full compliance with the law."

Apart from jokes about the Chicken being 'involved' and the Pig being 'committed' in the making of Ham and Eggs, what does that word mean, anyway?

I personally know that there are Encase-certified digital forensics experts working for Coakley's office. Since City Hall is 'cooperating', it would be trivial to have the AGs office take a look at the hard disk instead of paying an outside consultant, right?