Saturday, November 28, 2009

Common-sense security at $0

Craig and I were privileged to be invited by the fine folks at New Hampshire Local Government Information Network (NHLoGIN) to speak at New Hampshire Local Government Center's Annual Conference on Nov 19.

Special thanks to John Barker of the City of Nashua for recommending us to NHLoGIN. John made a great presentation on accepting credit cards for City Hall business.

We talked about things a non-profit, or a town or city hall can do with a very meager or non-existent information security budget. The first recommendation was policy, followed by training, and then slowly clibming the maturity curve.

Because you are getting this without us speaking, we feel it is necessary to add a disclaimer: Of course, just because something does not need money to buy does not mean it falls ready-made on your desk some day--it takes time to develop policies, or to deliver (and attend) even free training.

Check out the presentation: Budgeting for Common-Sense Computer Security in Financially Tight Times, and don't forget to use some of the great videos we linked.