Monday, January 11, 2010

Harsh: Google Security chief's night-job

Gawker has a post about Google Apps' Director of Security Eran Feigenbaum, and his not so secret identity as Eran Raven, mentalist/magician.

I had to laugh out loud after reading this:
Maybe it should come as no surprise that Google's Director of Security is also a "mentalist" magician; few can better sell the illusion of ironclad internet security, after all, than a master of deception who fooled thousands of NBC viewers.

But Eran Feigenbaum — better known as "Eran Raven" — has turned the cheese knob up awfully high, considering his buttoned-down job as the Director of Security for the putative blue-chip operation that is Google Enterprise, which is trying to sell "cloud computing" to no less uptight a customer than the federal government.